SOLD OUT!! Dream Scene Deluxe Luxury Memory Foam Pillow

£45.00 £37.50 (ex. VAT)
The pillow is made with a Visco system that not only passes all the UK fire retardancy standards, but one that also produces an incredibly comfortable and supportive pillow.

One problem normally associated with memory foam pillows is the "sandbag" effect. This equates to a feeling of sleeping on a sandbag because of the time it takes for the foam to react to body temperature and soften.

The chemistry here has been adjusted to produce a pillow that has a very soft, almost latex like feel, but one that still offers excellent support. It is designed to give a more ergonomic shape to the pillow, being thicker through the middle at 14cm.

The pillows are supplied in a luxury, knitted zipped cover and high quality presentation bag.  This is a deluxe memory foam pillow with zip removable luxury cover.